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Green married first, in 1937, Gwyneth Griffiths, who predeceased him.He married secondly, in 1958, Elfine Gardner (née Shaw), who also predeceased him.He wrote afterwards: “With sweaty palms and brow, and prayers on my lips, I slowly got it to move.” It turned out to be a Type 17 Long Delay. Had it fired while he was working on it, he would have been killed. The next day Green took the bomb to the “bomb cemetery” to detonate it.He lit the fuze, having tested its burning rate, and ran all the way back to the safety point.There they were greeted by the instructor: “Good morning, gentlemen.

Both Green and a comrade, Sapper Carter, who had been at his side throughout the operation, were awarded George Medals.Green, using a stethoscope borrowed from a local doctor, listened for the tell-tale ticking of the fuze and ordered his men to withdraw to a safe distance, taking the vehicles and stores with them.